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Even as Tharavad retains its heritage charm, it also houses the comforts of modern living such as a conference space, wi–fi connectivity, satellite television, media player, library, DVDs, a refrigerator, washing machine and a fully equipped kitchen.

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A paved path besides a slope of the hill designed to resemble the traditional architecture that looks out into the surrounding plantation. Ideal for a getaway influenced by the rustic architectural conventions in the area that features locally sourced resources.

The Conference room can accommodate 35 people. It is wifi enabled and is equipped with a flat-screen TV, sound system, LCD projectors, flip chart stands and a white board. The open courtyard adjacent to the inner courtyard is available  for alternate meeting space  for those who think nature helps ideas evolve best.


Striving to minimise our footprint on the natural environment and to support local farmers a large portion of the ingredients, fruits and vegetables in the food served to our guests are locally sourced or grown as a part of our  initiative. The dining room can accomodate upto 35 people.


We assist our visitors in everything when it comes to making their stay exquisite. The Tharavd Kitchen is well stocked and can be used used to cook and heat food. The adequate equipment and materials required are available. For larger groups, we can arrange catering externally.

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What could be better than a day filled with exploring the garden, an evening of good conversation surrounded by people around a bonfire. Tharavad offers the service of preparing a bonfire  for our visitors to enhance their experience both during day and night.


Tharavad offers ample scope for many outbound activities. We also organise half-day or day-long getaways for large groups. This could be a half-day trip to a beach or on a houseboat ride which includes lunch (seating upto 35 people). including One day trips to Silent Valley, Nelliyampathy or to Malampuzha Dam .


The experiences on a visit can, at times, seem incomplete without a range of activities. The garden at Tharavad is filled with several species of organic fruit trees and flowering plants, scattered across the property. We encourage you to walk through these orchards and experience nature.

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There are three natural spring pools on the property - a small one attached to the house, a main pool with a pool house and a larger pool.The main pool has a bathing area, a changing room and is open to guests till late. We encourage those who don’t have good swimming skills to stick to the shallow ends and not venture into the pools after dark!


A washing machine and dryer are available for use at nominal rates. In an effort to conserve the environment, we request you to use the machine only when you have an optimal load. An Iron is also available in the laundry area for your convenience. This can be used free of cost.


Drives that make life easier! To enhance its visitor's experiences Tharavad offers its visitors the opportunity to Hire cars or bikes on prior intimation. The car at the house can also be hired at nominal rates for short trips closeby to the location. Just key in your location and assess the kind of trip you’d like to take

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